Let's get started with Qwilr

When you first create your account,
Qwilr will:

  • Pull in your brand colors to set up your account's branding.
  • Create a sample Qwilr Page. Depending on the choices you've made during sign-up, it will look something like this:

  • You'll want to dig into this page later. But for now, how about we take a look at your account's dashboard so you'll know your way around?

    To get there, click on the Qwilr logo in the top left corner.

    This is your dashboard

    See your new page there? You can click on its title to open the page and make changes.

    And that green button in the top right corner is what you'll use to create even more pages.

    From your dashboard, you can either:

  • Start building a Qwilr Page from a template
  • Start building from a blank page
  • In this guide, we'll try out both options.

    Your sample page was created from one of Qwilr's readymade templates. Let's try creating another page from a template now.

    Step 1:
    Start with a template

    Qwilr is loaded with ready-made templates for all kinds of documents.

  • 1.Let's build a practice page from a template.
  • 2.Choose what you need your page do to, and then scroll through the available templates.
  • 3.When you see one you like, click Use Template in the top right corner.

  • (If you'd rather build your practice page from scratch, jump ahead to Step 2.)

    Now let's customize that template.

    Everything you see, you can edit. Highlight any text to change the words and formatting.

    Want to change a background image? Click the Swap Splash button and choose another.

    Want to change background colors, spacing, or alignment? Click the Block Style button.

    Make a few changes to your template to practice these editing tricks.

    What a great page! Let's share it.

    Want to see what your client will see? Click the Preview button anytime:

    When you're ready to share your page, click the Share button:

    Make sure your page is Live, and then copy the link:

    Now you can paste the link into an email or message so your client can view it.

    Nice work! Let's kick things up a notch now...

    Step 2:
    Build from a blank page

    Now that you've tried a template, let's build a practice page from the ground up.

    It's a great way to see just how flexible Qwilr is.

  • 1.Click the Qwilr logo in the top left corner to go to the dashboard again.
  • 2.Click the Create New button to start a new blank page.

  • Whoa, a blank slate. What now?

    Don't worry, you've got this. You'll build your page one Block at a time.

    What are Blocks? Think of them as page sections that do different jobs. Like these:

    The Text Block

    Add heading, paragraphs, and inline images

    The Splash Block

    Add background images

    The Video Block

    Add videos

    The Embed Block

    Embed maps, forms, calendars, and other kinds of content

    The Quote Block

    Add customizable price quotes

    The Accept Block

    Add an Accept button, plus E-signature and payments

    Try adding some blocks.

  • 1.Let's add a Splash Block to your page first.
  • 2.Choose a splash image from our gorgeous library.

  • 3.Now, add a nice heading.

  • 4.Good work! Now let's add a Text Block.
  • Now that you have a couple blocks in place, let's see some other things you can do with them...

    Let's change things up.

    You can edit any block from the menus in the top left corner.

    The Block Options menu lets you do things like:

  • Save a block to reuse it later
  • Delete a block
  • Move a block up or down
  • Clone a block, to make a quick copy
  • The Block Style menu (which you might remember from Step 1) is for customizing colors, alignment, and spacing.

    Give it a try! Use these menus to make some changes to your two new blocks.

    Nice work!

    Play with your practice pages all you like. They're handy learning tools.

    Here are some links to our help center, where you can learn more about the different types of blocks:

  • Text Block
  • Splash Block
  • Video Block
  • Embed Block
  • Quote Block
  • Accept Block
  • Want to try out some
    deeper stuff?

    There's lots to explore!

    Update your account's branding | Style your pages | Add some videos | Integrate with other apps | Embed some content


    You're officially up and
    running with Qwilr!

    If you run into any questions, feel free to email us or browse our help center.

    Have fun creating beautiful pages!