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These features are available on
our Business and Enterprise plans.

Insights help your team build better proposals and close more sales

In this guide, you'll learn about Qwilr's analytics tools for our Business and Enterprise plans.

You'll find out how to use analytics to monitor how your team is using Qwilr, and how to see what parts of your proposals are getting the most attention. You'll also see how Qwilr connects with third-party analytics tools to give you even more useful data.


Let’s start with the big picture...

Your account analytics offer a global view of:

  • How your sales team is performing
  • How effective your proposals are 
  • How many sales Qwilr is helping you generate
  • Take a look!

    Click the Analytics link in the top left corner of the dashboard.

    First, here's some cumulative totals:

  • How many pages has your team has created?
  • How many are currently live?
  • How many have been accepted?
  • You can even mouse over each day to see how many proposals your team created - a nice snapshot of productivity.

    Keep track of the current dollar value of accepted projects, and the value of projects that are out with clients.

    Getting more detailed

    Each Qwilr Page has analytics, too.

    This data tells you even more about how well your proposals are landing.

    You'll know when your client looked at your proposal and how long they spent. Now you know whether they read it in detail, and you'll have a better idea of when to follow up.

    You can even see how much time is being spent on each block of the page. So you know what’s most important to your clients, and where to tune up your next proposal.

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  • Qwilr Analytics & Insights
  • Get even more analytics

    Qwilr also integrates with these analytics tools to give you an even deeper look at your page views.

    These integrations let you can watch your Qwilr page views alongside your other website analytics.

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  • Qwilr + Google Analytics
  • Qwilr + Hotjar
  • Qwilr + Heap
  • Qwilr + Mixpanel
  • Qwilr + Crazy Egg
  • Retargeting

    Qwilr also connects with Facebook and Adroll.

    You can place a retargeting pixel on your Qwilr pages, so that after a prospect views your proposal, you can reach out to them later with follow-up marketing.

    It's a great way to stay in view while you close the deal.

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  • Qwilr + Facebook
  • Qwilr + AdRoll
  • Questions?

    Feel free to email us at, or click the ? Help button in Qwilr.