Sometimes your team wants to share Qwilr content.

...And sometimes they don't.

In this guide, you'll learn how to use Qwilr's flexible permissions settings to manage sharing and privacy in your account.

You'll learn how to set up permissions for your whole account, and how to set controls on individual pages and blocks of content.


Before we dive into permissions, let’s review the two roles for users in your account:



  • All admins can edit all pages in your account, regardless of the permission setting.
  • All creators can access and edit any pages they created, and any pages they’ve been granted access to.

  • Setting Account Permissions

    How much content will your team share day to day?

    Any admin on your account can set these default permissions for new pages:

    Your team can also choose to share (or not share) their individual pages with other Creators. Admins can access all pages by default.

    For more on account-level permissions, check out this page from our help center.

    Setting Page

    You can see who currently has access to each page from within the page editor:

    As you're editing any page, you can click this icon:

    You’ll access a list of users and their permissions for this page.

    If you created the page or you’re an admin, you can update those permissions.

    Note: Admins have access to all pages by default.

    For more on page-level permissions, check out this page from our help center.

    Here’s an Example:

    Let’s say your account has a default setting to make all new pages editable by everyone.

    You’ve created a page to invite your team to the upcoming company retreat. You need to finalize this page with two other organizers, but you want to keep it off your team’s radar until it’s public.

    No problem! Click Share With Team and then remove "Everyone in your account" from the list of users.

    Now you and your co-organizers (plus any account admins) can see the page, but it won’t appear on anyone else’s dashboard.

    You can always re-add "Everyone in your account" later.

    Setting Block Permissions

    On our Enterprise plan, you can even set editing permissions for blocks you’ve saved to your team’s library. 

    Let’s say you’ve created a block for your Terms of Use statement. It’s important that no one on your team changes the language.

    You can go into your saved block library and lock this block so that only account admins can change it:

    Now anyone on your team can add this block to their pages, but only admins can make changes to its content.

    For more on setting block-level permissions, see this page from our help center.

    Setting Styling Permissions

    On our Enterprise plan, you can also configure your team's access to Qwilr's styling tools.

    It's a great way to help keep all of your team's pages consistent and on-brand.

    Bring up your Brand Editor to access these permissions:

    Then, choose the styling permissions you want your team's Creators to have. You'll see a preview of the styling menu they'll be seeing.


    Feel free to email us at, or click the ? Help button in your Qwilr account.