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Turn any page into a template and use it to generate multiple pages!

This guide covers templates you'll use only in Qwilr.

  • If you need a template to use in HubSpot, see this guide.
  • If you need a Salesforce template, see this guide.
  • If you need a Pipedrive template, see this guide.
  • Step 1:
    Create and design a page

    Every template starts with a Qwilr Page.

    You can create a page from your dashboard by clicking the Create New button, and then choosing from the menu.

    You can start from a blank page, or from an existing template.

    Note: If you're new to creating Qwilr Pages, we have a guide for that.

    Step 2:
    Convert your new page to a template

    When you're ready for your page to become a template, head to the top right corner. Click the More Actions icon (3 dots). Then choose Convert to Template.

    Note: Once you've converted a template, you'll be able to edit it at any time. You can even convert it back to a regular page if you need to.

    Hey, where did my template go?

    When you convert a page to a template, it leaves your dashboard and moves into your template library.

    To view or use your new template, head to your dashboard and click Create New > From template.

    Step 3:
    Get to know your Template Library

    Within your template library, you'll be able to access two groups of templates:

  • Templates you've created
  • Sample templates Qwilr includes in your account

  • You can navigate from the left sidebar of your template library.

    Search for templates by name, or toggle between your templates and the sample Qwilr templates.

    Note: Your saved templates will display by default. To see the Qwilr sample templates, choose All Templates from the menu.

    When you've found the template you'd like to use, head to the top right corner and click the Use Template button.

    You'll see the newly-created page on your dashboard.

    Note: Edit your new page all you like! Your template stays safe (and unchanged) in your library.

    Step 4:
    Who can use and edit your templates?

    Everyone can use templates

    When you create a template, everyone on your team will be able to make pages from it. All users on your account have the same access to the template library.

    Some users can make new templates

  • Anyone with admin access to your account automatically has access to make new templates.
  • Creators on your account can't make new templates. They can only use existing ones.
  • You control who can edit templates

  • Admins can automatically edit all templates in your account, regardless of who created them.
  • Creators can only edit the templates they've been granted access to edit. Here's more on giving a Creator edit access to a template.
  • When you're ready to edit a template, head to your library. Locate the template and then click the Edit Template button.

    Note: When you edit a template, the changes will only appear on future pages you create from it. Past pages will stay unchanged.


    Feel free to email us at, or click the ? Help button in Qwilr.